Old cute angels in Visby Domkyrka

Was looking at old photos and found these from last summer. I had a lovely day in Visby on my own and took some photos of medieval angel figurines in Visby Domkyrka. They look fantastic! How many wood carvers can do things like this today?

Kyrkoutsmyckningar i Visby domkyrka, Adam, Eva och ängel

Ängel av trä i Visby domkyrka på Gotland

What is your image of an angel? No matter if you are a believer or not, I think you have an image in your head of how an angel should look like. A childlike laughing ”putti”, or a etherial soft butterfly, or a big scary no-face surrounded by threatening fire.

When looking at angels and other church figurines from different time periods and different parts of the world it says a lot of the people and culture, and that is so interesting. I love the historic feel in an old church. The figurines can almost speak about all they have seen during the centuries and all they have heard, from people in sorrow or happiness. But most of all they say something about the genious of the artists and wood carvers who made them, many hundred years ago. Using all there skills, art knowledge and creativity. You did a good job!

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