Skånedagarna at Bosjökloster 2011

Last weekend my illustrations where nicely displayed in a really big format! It was the ”Nya Skånedagarna” at beautiful Bosjökloster, in the middle of Skåne. I had made several illustrations for ”Region Skåne” (Skåne Regional Council), to be used in their folder and on walls in their tent. The theme was health, culture, nature, business, transport and regional development in Skåne, seen through different members of a ”typical” family. It is the first time my images have been blown up to such a large scale, so I was nervous before, but it worked out fine! The illustrations were made with pencils and watercolour. I also did portraits of four people working at Region Skåne, not displayed on the walls, but looking really good in the printed folder. You can see more of everything in my portfolio. Client was Giv Akt AB, in Malmö.

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